Coca-Cola has been working with Tesco on a revolutionary pallet that handles conventionally in the supply chain but operates as a wheeled unit when in store ­ potentially slashing hundreds of thousands of pounds from supply chain costs.
However, a dispute over who should foot the bill for the black plastic moulded pallet, which has been developed by Polymer Logistics, has thrown the joint venture into doubt.
Speaking last week at the supply chain conference "Availability to the Shelf-Edge", organised by Insight, representatives from both Tesco and Coca-Cola hailed the rolling display pallet as a real innovation for the industry.
Tesco primary development director John Boulter said: "It has all the benefits of the dollies but also works logistically. There are benefits for all." He added: "I think the supplier should pay."
But Coca-Cola ECR project manager Alun Ferguson disagreed: "They clearly add value for the retailer and incur extra costs for the manufacturer. If we can recover our investment and our retail colleagues agree to share their savings, then we can go forward."
He added that Coca-Cola was also working with other retailers, including Asda. In a veiled warning to Tesco, he said: "I think that Asda will be first to go to market with this."

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