P&G has used technology similar to that in astronauts' suits to produce New Baby with Total Care ­ a nappy that keeps faeces as well as urine away from newborn babies' skin. It will be on shelf from mid March and is set to soak up a £2.6m marketing budget. The new nappy's top sheet has holes big enough to allow particle matter to pass through and be trapped in another layer while liquid is drawn off into the cellulose sheet below. This means that the baby stays drier and there is less leakage and mess when changing nappies. Initially, only the smaller sizes ­ Newborn and Mini ­ will be available. "The next challenge is to develop the technology to be able to deal with the solid matter older babies produce," said external relations manager Aimée Goldsmith. Support includes TV ads which will kick off on March 26 and run for two months, and direct mail to mothers to be. Packs of other nappy sizes will carry a coupon offering a trial price ­ £1 off New Baby carry packs and £2 off economy packs ­ for eight weeks. The Pampers web site, Pampers.com, which features a panel of experts offering advice and answering questions, went live at the beginning of February. {{MARKETING - P&P }}