Costcutter has unveiled ambitious plans for its first- ever national TV advertising campaign.
Trading and marketing director Angela Barber said the campaign, which is expected to cost at least £250,000, would be launched in September.
The adverts will run on GMTV, with the initial slots already booked. “The first burst will run for two weeks and we estimate 10 million will see the advert at least once,” said Barber. She added that the initial ad would last for 30 seconds and feature footage of up-to-date Costcutter stores.
The ads would focus on the symbol group’s character as a local community retailer and concentrate on low prices and special offers, such as four-for-three deals. Costcutter is working on the exact content of the ads.
The campaign follows adverts in the national press and marks a departure for the group.
It has previously tended to focus on sports sponsorship,
local newspaper ads and leaflet drops. However, it confirmed its new strategy did not mean it would be abandoning its more traditional advertising methods.