Asda has been left without a pie supplier for its own-label Smartprice range after a devastating fire at Hilliers of Plymouth.
The plant, which also manufactures Smartprice quiches and rolls and deli pies, was severely damaged in an overnight blaze last weekend, which halted all production. Forty staff had to flee under emergency procedures, but no injuries were reported.
A spokeswoman for Asda said the supermarket was currently in talks with two alternative suppliers. “We will continue to work with Hilliers to find out what it will do. At the moment we’re more concerned with the hundreds of staff who have found themselves without jobs.”
MD Stuart Burgin said: “I will now wait for the full fire investigation to find out what caused the fire. But everyone got out safely, which is all I am really concerned about.”
Plans for temporary production have not yet been revealed, although one of the units in the plant is believed to be totally gutted.
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