Safeway has seen sales uplifts of up to 14% in hot snacks in a test to measure the effectiveness of PoP (point of purchase) material and merchandising. The test, sponsored by Unilever Bestfoods, was part of a research programme carried out by RMS on behalf of Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI). It compared three PoP and merchandising treatments in six Safeway stores. There were also two control stores. Results showed that stores featuring both PoP and merchandising performed best, with volumes up 16% over the category and up 21.3% for Unilever Bestfoods brands Pot Noodle, Pot Rice and Pot Pasta. Value sales of these brands rose 18.9%. Stores with new PoP only saw category value sales up 13% and Unilever brands up 17.9% while those with new merchandising only saw category value sales rise 4.3%. When both PoP and merchandising were used, there was a 90% increase in the number of shoppers interacting with the fixture. Unilever Bestfoods merchandising manager Nick Widdowson said the uplift was higher than he expected. "PoP is not just about sales and volumes but also demographics and consumer interaction," he said. {{NEWS }}