The Portman Group, the drinks industry watchdog, has questioned Tesco's decision to move its alcohol unit information from the back of its own-label packaging to the front.

Tesco said it the switch would help tackle alcohol-related misbehaviour and planned to work with branded suppliers to make the change an industry standard.

But the Portman Group has now questioned the decision, indicating it would make more sense to keep all alcohol warnings together.

"Tesco's announcement is interesting but we see no need for everyone to put the unit alcohol content on the front of the container,” said the group’s chief executive, David Poley.

"At present it tends to be displayed on the back of packaging alongside other health-related information such as the Chief Medical Officer's advice on responsible drinking.

"It might be argued that it is more useful to keep this information together than move the unit content to a prominent, but lone, position."

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