from Shamus Lehel, PALS (Preferred Alliance of Londis Shopkeepers), Wootton Post Office (Londis), Bedfordshire

Sir; It was with mild surprise that I read that the Londis directors have decided to accept only £2m instead of the £20m initially going to them from the Londis sale. They should be applauded. This means there will be a lot more money going to shopkeepers.
PALS (Preferred Alliance of Londis Shopkeepers) would publicly like to thank our executive directors for all their hard work over the years in turning Londis into the great company it is now.
And a special mention to Graham White for saving Londis from near bankruptcy should be made, and also to the guy who hired him, our chairman Peter Williams.
PALS has always tried to do the right thing for all Londis shopkeepers and the backroom
staff with offering constructive dialogue and where appropriate, criticisms. The executive directors have done the right thing, now all that remains is for shopkeepers to do the right thing and vote overwhelmingly for a sale.