At £38.15, Tesco Extra in Wrexham provided the cheapest of three full baskets for The Grocer 33 this week and earned the chain’s first Storewatch title in three months.
The store also gave Tesco its first full basket for The Grocer 33 in 13 visits to the retailer. It was immaculate, with no stacking trolleys in sight and attentive staff, plus there was an offer to pack, which sealed its Storewatch title.
Morrisons in Stamford came up with the next cheapest full basket, at £39.29, but a combination of narrow aisles, stacking crates and big trolleys made progress round the store difficult.
Our third full basket cost £45.44 at Safeway in Cookstown. The store was bright and airy, while the checkout operator was helpful and polite.
Asda in Bristol was filled with half-term shoppers and their children. Some shelf-edge labelling did not match the products on display. Tesco in Thirsk was a “superb store”, with wide aisles and lower shelving which made viewing products easy.
Safeway was tidy and well-merchandised but had no boxes of six large free-range eggs.
In Sainsbury at Dundee Hardys was not in stock although helpful staff tried to track it down in the back store. Country of origin labels in the fruit and veg area were not clear. The chilled aisle at Sainsbury in Wilmslow was blocked with stacking crates.