Asda is still winning the supermarket wars. Its share of grocery shopping rose from 15.5% to 16.1% in the quarter to December, according to the Daily Mail. Tesco grew from 25.2% to 25.8% while Sainsbury eased marginally to 17.2%. Safeway fell from 10.8% to 10.1%.

Nestlé is said to be among a number of companies pursuing compensation claims with famine-hit Ethiopia over assets seized by the military government 27 years ago.
Nestlé said it was pursuing the £3.8m claim "in line with international law and in spirit of fairness and equity”.

Viennetta ice cream, made by Unilever, is set to undergo a landmark test case in Europe for the extent to which shapes can be registered as trademarks.
According to The Financial Times a High Court judge yesterday indicated that he was inclined to refuse an application by Unilever to register the shape of its popular dessert.
But because of uncertainty over the standard companies must meet to trademark shapes, Mr Justice Jacob said he would refer the case to the European Court of Justice for further guidance.

Heineken has bought the 67% stake in Heye Gas Nederland, the glass factory, that it did not already own, from Germany’s Heye KG.