Sainsbury is facing a multi-million pound action from 61 former store managers who claim they were unfairly sacked, the Financial Mail on Sunday said.
An employment tribunal will hear three test cases next month which relate to a conference last year where the managers were told to submit a ‘competency audit’ within 48 hours or accept a severance package.

The Sunday Express said that Tesco is to sell low priced musical instruments, such as guitars, drum kits and keyboards, initially on its website.

The Big Food Group, owner of the Iceland store chain, is demanding £12m from the government of South American country Guyana in compensation for a sugar business that Guyana nationalised in 1975.
The Observer reported that Guyana has had 90% of its debts written off by the international financial community has, has already paid back £6m of what was a £13m debt. The nationalised Guyanese sugar business was originally owned by Booker, the cash and carry arm which merged with Iceland in 2000. BFG claims that the nationalised sugar business is worth £1bn, and that Booker contributed much to Guyanese society.