Retail entrepreneur Philip Green, owner of BHS and Arcadia has submitted his bid proposals for Safeway to the Office of Fair Trading.
According to the Guardian, Green has never had to deal with competition regulators in any of his previous acquisitions, and is known to regard the entire procedure with disdain. He has labelled the grocery business "protected" and believes there would be far greater competition if all retail premises could sell what they liked.
Green also requested further financial information from Safeway, and his decision to press ahead with a formal application shows he is serious about the deal. Any bid would come through his family company Trackdean.

Fortnum & Mason, the Queen's grocer, posted a loss in pre-tax profit from £2.25m to £1.03m in the year to last July 13, total sales were down 2.5% to just over £40m. It blamed a slump in corporate Christmas hamper sales and a fall in overseas visitors.

The Financial Times has reported that Tesco has corrected the accounts of two of its subsidiaries Tesco Stores, its main UK retailing subsidiary, and Tesco Property in its original filings to Companies House, the authority responsible for the registration of UK company information.
Tesco said it had not been under any pressure from Companies House to rectify the errors.