The supermarket price war moved to the petrol forecourt this week as the multiples strove to outdo each other on fuel prices. Morrisons slashed the price of unleaded at its service stations nationwide to 79.9p a litre. Simon Davies, director of Morrisons' filling stations, said crude oil prices had dropped and the chain wanted to pass savings on to customers. Sainsbury quickly followed and matched the figure, which will be lowered to 75.9p for customers spending over £100 in its stores. Safeway hit back with a special four day promotion offering savings of 10p per litre plus a discount on mobile phone vouchers to drivers spending over £40 on fuel. Tesco and Asda, meanwhile, promised to match or beat pump prices at any outlet within a three mile radius. Asda said a number of stores sold petrol at just 78.9p. {{NEWS }}