Asda’s seven-year reign as the UK’s cheapest supermarket is being challenged by archrival Tesco, according to new research by The Grocer.

The trends highlighted in the results of the six-month review of The Grocer 33 and in our new pricing survey The Grocer 100 show that the two retailers are involved in a titanic struggle to become the cheapest supermarket chain.

The Grocer 100 checks the price of 100 commonly bought grocery items stocked by all the major supermarket chains. Since July, retail and trade research specialists ESA have been checking the prices of these products on a weekly basis.

Asda has provided the cheapest average basket for the period between July 6 and December 14 at £167, which was 1.6% cheaper than the average cost of The Grocer 100 shopping list at Tesco, which was £169.74.

However Tesco has been closing the gap on Asda since July. And this week Tesco’s £167.84 basket was cheaper than Asda for the first time - albeit by just 0.4%.
Our six-monthly review of The Grocer 33 also shows Tesco drawing closer to its main rival on price.

For more information see this week’s issue of The Grocer