from Lucy Neville-Rolfe, company secretary, Tesco

Sir; Your report on the issue of temporary Polish workers employed at a Tesco distribution centre in Ireland (The Grocer, August 13, p12) omitted a number of important facts.
The ‘protest’ at a Tesco store in Dublin involved a single agency worker, who had refused to work to agreed standards in the distribution centre.
There were no other Tesco or agency employees present at the protest - nor has there been any disruption to either the DC or store operations. The other 11 protesters had no employment relationship with Tesco and the protest did not have the support of any Irish trade unions. The worker involved was not “sacked” by Tesco, as he was never employed by us. He was offered alternative temporary employment by the agency, which he declined. The agency involved has assured us that they do not discriminate between nationalities on pay or any other issue. And, clearly, we would not discriminate in any way in our businesses either.
I hope this helps set the record straight. We always try to achieve the highest employment standards in all our businesses.