from Antony Ceravolo, CEO, Redbus Outdoor

SIR; Sainsbury's announcement that it is pulling in-store TV because it is not cost-effective ('TV scaled back', The Grocer, April 15, p7) must lead media buyers to look at alternative developments in POP.

The heralding of in-store TV as the future of POP coupled with changing consumer behaviour has prompted the retail ad market to innovate.

New developments have included 'destination' advertising where media owners have pushed traditional space into new areas. These simple developments seem to produce the best results. Redbus offers ad space on trolleys and baskets allowing ads to travel with the consumer throughout their shopping visit. Destination advertising not only favours the modern shopper's time-constrained life it also services the media buyer's space challenge in the new growth area of c-stores.

As leading supermarkets expand in the high street, media owners face a challenge to create advertising options for the new consumer and in a new environment. C-stores are space-restrictive. In a place where even the conveyer belt has been axed, supermarkets are not going to find space for digital screens with doubtful returns. The leaders are going to be the media owners who can maximise media cut-through in the retail environment and match the media with the shopping mission.