If you want to get ahead in business and worm your way into your boss's affections then you'd better get good at swinging those golf clubs ­ but not too good or your boss won't like it. This breakthrough in business behaviour was made by Tesco when it carried out consumer research before it placed a new order for golf clubs. Tesco golf equipment category manager Willie Hamilton said: "Hitting a spectacular shot at golf can win more Brownie points with the boss than working late in the office each evening." Tesco research revealed that 47% of middle managers only take up golf to advance their careers. And 28% of women admitted they had no other interest in sport except to boost their prospects. But Tesco also issues a warning to over-ambitious golfers: no matter how good you get, always let the boss win or you could find yourself shunted down the ladder rather than climbing up it. Hmm, we can think of several grocery industry executives who have been fired for spending too much time on the golf course! {{COUNTERPOINT }}