Asda (five stars out of five) was the clear winner this week. Its pâté's rich yet pleasant flavour had a tang that hit the palate nicely and it spread well, too.

Although it cost more than double the price of its rivals, at £1.45, Waitrose's (four stars) also tasted good. It was smooth and full of flavour. Morrisons' offering (three stars) was paler in colour and had a subtle taste and smooth texture, but it left a bitter aftertaste.

At 66p, Sainsbury's pâté (two stars) was joint cheapest. The flavour was rich, but overpowering, which made it a bit sickly. It was also slightly too dry and had quite a thick texture. Tesco's pâté (two stars) also cost 66p. It had a weaker taste, was pale in colour and did not spread as easily as its rivals' offerings.