Members of a Women's Institute have promised to pose naked if Bristol City Council rejects Tesco's plans for a new store next month.

Tesco is proposing to open a 59,000 sq ft superstore at the Bristol City stadium, but the Malago WI feels so strongly about the impact it will have on its local community that its members have agreed to drop their kit as well as their knitting needles so long as the plans are thrown out.

"We had always maintained a nude calendar was not for us," said Malago WI president Karen Bowers. "However, when our members were asked to make their feelings known about the application in such a public way, they enthusiastically agreed and the calendar suggestion was met with cheers."

Not only would the store spoil the look of the area, it would generate traffic, which would create safety and environmental problems, members said. Any jobs created would be offset by losses elsewhere, and there was no evidence the store would lead to economic and physical regeneration, they claimed.

"People react to store proposals in all sorts of ways but as far as we know it is the first time this has been suggested," said a Tesco spokeswoman.