Waitrose Deliver has a new, quirky logo featuring a computer mouse with groceries emerging from it.

The new icon, which will appear on PoS material, direct marketing and press advertising, was trademarked by Waitrose this week alongside phrases such as "the joy of food", "it's all about the food" and "everyone deserves Waitrose".

"It has been refreshed to be distinctive and instantly recognisable," said a Waitrose spokeswoman, adding that the company was exploring a variety of different concepts in which the phrases could be employed.

Meanwhile, Ocado, which also delivers Waitrose groceries, said it was redesigning its website to give greater prominence to promotions. "The new website improves the visibility of value with an 'on offer' filter at the top of the main navigation menu and a rotating selection of offers featured at the foot of the home page," said Jon Rudoe, head of trading and marketing.