Morrisons has put up temporary signage at the 138 smaller Safeway stores it plans to convert to the Safeway Compact format.
Banners outside the stores read, “This store is now trading as a Safeway Compact”. Additional posters in store flag up the change. Till receipts are marked ‘Safeway Compact”.
Some Morrisons branded products, such as cleaning materials, have also been introduced.
A spokesman said that the move was part of the overall plan to introduce products from the Morrisons range to Safeway stores as and when appropriate.
He said Morrisons had gone for some “easy wins” in former Safeway stores ahead of the full store conversion programme, which is set to start in August.
Larger stores will be converted first when that programme commences. Conversions are scheduled to continue at the pace of three a week until early 2007.
Morrisons said the first stores to be converted will be at Ripon, Southport, Bramley and Chester, and a Safeway megastore at Gamston, Nottinghamshire.