Somerfield and Kwik Save bakery buyer Somerfield is focusing strongly on speciality products this year. We are moving a lot of our bakery products to our So Good premium range. These are products which are already in store as part of our instore bakery but, to coincide with a corporate launch for So Good in September, Somerfield will be upgrading them to So Good. Possible candidates for So Good are a rosemary and sea salt focaccia, a premium white loaf, a seeded top batard, a green olive loaf, honey and sunflower loaf, a walnut coussin, and a gruyère and mature Cheddar loaf. These are supplied by Speedibake, Country Style Foods and Le Pain Croustillant. We've never had a speciality pre-wrapped range but we will be going ahead with one in July. These include So Good ciabatta rolls, an olive ciabatta, a tomato and olive tear-and-share, a four cheese stromboli, a rosemary and sea salt focaccia, and a roast garlic fougasse. We target our stores through clustering so we shall be putting them into more progressive stores to attract the more progressive customer. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}