A new round of price cuts by Tesco in the Irish Republic this week has provoked fresh hostility from RGDATA, the independent grocers' lobby. Its director general, Ailish Forde, dismissed the latest reductions as "a publicity stunt based on little known products". A Tesco spokesman hit back, describing her criticism as "nonsense". Last month the UK multiple, which has a 23% share of the Republic's £4bn plus grocery market, cut the price of 50 own label products by 20% in what its Irish md Maurice Pratt claimed was a contribution to lowering the country's inflation rate, now close to a worrying 7%. Now Tesco has extended the price cuts to 50 branded products with what it claims is an average reduction of 12.5%. "These are intended as long-term reductions," said Tesco spokesman Dermot Breen. He added that the September price cuts were still in place. Forde accused Tesco of attempting to win customers "on the basis of publicity promising reduced prices on lots of goods". "The reality is that the price cuts apply to a limited number of low volume brands and certainly not to those brands popular with Irish customers." Tesco insisted that several leading brands featured in the new price cuts list including a range of biscuits from McVitie's, Kellogg's Special K, Ballyfree, Denny, Petit Danone and Sharwood's. {{NEWS }}