Tesco is to transfer a further 6,000 products to retail ready packaging (RRP) this year.
The retailer, which has been a frontrunner in the development of RRP, said that during the next year it would be reviewing its frozen, health and beauty and household product lines to examine how the feature could be used in those areas.
Tesco last year revealed that it had transferred 8,000 lines to RRP, including wheeled merchandising units for bananas, milk and cat litter, and box-style solutions for bacon and own-label pizzas.
It added that over Christmas all its seasonal non food lines, including tree lights, crackers and wrapping paper, were in RRP. “It saved lots of time for replenishment staff,” a Tesco spokeswoman said.
In bakery, Tesco is conducting a nationwide rollout of plastic reusable trays to display bread. It has 12 million reusable trays in circulation, which saved 112,500 tonnes of cardboard last year.
The spokeswoman added: “Products in RRP are easier to open, easily recognisable, reduce damage in transit, reduce waste and enable one touch replenishment on the shelf. Customers also find that the presentation is better.”