Tesco has criticised Scottish Executive reforms that could have a major impact on the company’s future planning applications.
The proposal to introduce a third party right of appeal would be the wrong approach to planning law reforms, according to a spokesperson for Tesco, as already seen by the effects in Ireland where the right of appeal has been introduced.
She explained: “The changes would be a bureaucratic and inadequate substitute for proper community involvement. Our experience in Ireland is that it would significantly lengthen the planning process, to the detriment of individuals as well as developers. The right approach is to do first class consultation early in the process, and act on views then.”
Currently, planning laws in Scotland allow developers to appeal against decisions made by local authority planning boards, but there is no such option for any interested third party, including a member of the public, community groups and environmental agencies.
It is this imbalance in the system that the executive is attempting to address.
For the past four months, it has put the proposals on the new rights of appeal out to consultation.
The consultation ended last week and all submissions are to be considered.