This scene at a Tesco forecourt in Waltham Abbey, Essex, was a typical sight at more than 200 supermarket forecourts across the south east of England earlier this week, as Tesco, Asda and Morrisons cleared their petrol pumps of 'rogue fuel' claimed to have caused thousands of cars to break down. The fuel was traced back to a batch of unleaded petrol from a supplier in Thurrock, Essex, which serves 150 Tesco, 41 Morrisons and 30 Asda forecourts. Tesco said it had received calls "in the thousands" from motorists after it published full-page ads in newspapers promising to pay for repairs if petrol bought at one of its forecourts had damaged cars. Asda said the number of potential claims it had received was in the hundreds and would compensate for any damage with proof of purchase. Morrisons has put procedures in place for dealing with claims.