The Asda Rollback effect could be worth as much as £2.67 ­ the difference between The Grocer 33's cheapest basket this week and a similar shop from this week last year. The items on the list have changed slightly, but the message is clear: Rollback shows on the bottom line as long as you do not drink tea. The price of Nescafé 100g instant coffee may have lost 10p (from £1.75 to £1.65), but 40 Tetley teabags have gone up from 79p to 83p. Kellogg's Corn Flakes 500g is down from 99p to 96p and 18p has been wiped off the price of Andrex fou r-pack toilet rolls. And 50p has been taken off the price of Jacob's Creek. But is it Rollback or are things just cheaper anyway? In the case of bacon, today's price of £1.49 for 250g of Dutch back is cheap, but reflects prices in the category at present. Own label orange juice is 69p in Asda, matching other multiples. Nor is Asda automatically cheaper for everything, either. An Asda 2-litre Diet Coke was £1.25 this week, against £1.09 in Safeway, Airdrie. Asda's basket outside the Rollback headline prices is not regionally identical, either. The Grocer's shopper in Havant paid £1.19 for Ragu traditional pasta source which the Nottingham shopper paid 91p. l See p29. {{NEWS }}