Western Australian rock lobster goes into Waitrose next month backed by the kudos of Marine Stewardship Council certification for sustainability.
The clawless lobster is sourced by Lobster Australia from some 135 boats fishing off the west coast near Perth and enjoys a ‘clean and green’ environmental halo.
Director/general manager Peter Fraser said MSC certification provided a real market incentive in Europe, but the reduction in EU import tariffs from 12% to 6% had also helped its position with regard to Canadian product.
Fraser is going for competitive pricing with the
product, which is also listed by Selfridges, in order to get it established here. Waitrose has initially ordered five tonnes of tails to start with, with 20 tonnes a year likely.
“Waitrose’s main reason for taking it is the MSC logo,” said Fraser. “Consequently it has displaced central and south American lobster there. It is the Rolls Royce of lobsters and we have to convince UK consumers of that.”