An organic sausage producer has won listings in 250 Sainsbury stores ­ increasing its distribution by 400% in just two months.
Eastbrook Farms attributed its success to strong consumer demand. The company said it had sent out samples of its Totally Organic Speedy Sausages to more than 1,000 people and more than a quarter rated their enjoyment of the product at 77%.
Eastbrook Farms said the Speedy Sausages, chipolata style and Speedy Spirals, sausage rings, are the first organic sausages to have a shelf life of 16 days.
The product, which is without preservatives, also leaves no mess in the pan upon cooking, the company claims.
Helen Browning, founder and director of Eastbrook Farms, said the sausages, which cook in four to six minutes, are a blend of pork, spices and honey and are free of genetically modified ingredients, gluten and nuts.
"We are delighted customers have responded so enthusiastically. Our aim is to make organic food more obtainable."