Sir Peter Davis will be shocked but research carried out for The Grocer by CACI shows Safeway customers are most akin to those of Tesco while Sainsbury has the worst fit.
According to the study, using CACI's ACORN profile data, Tesco has a fit of 0.89 (the closer to one the better) while Asda's is 0.75, Morrisons' 0.73 and Sainsbury's 0.70.
Sir Peter has been making much of the compatibility between Safeway's and Sainsbury's shoppers in light of its probable bid for the retailer. TNS data backs this by showing 25.8% of Sainsbury's shoppers and 21.4% of Safeway's fit the AB category, compared to 19.1% in the market as a whole, while 32.7% of Sainsbury's and 30.4% of Safeway's shoppers are C1s.
But CACI's research, which drills down to understand types of people in different areas, shows this may be the case in Safeway's affluent London and south east catchments, but the rest of the country is a poor fit with Sainsbury.
Sainsbury has 15% of customers in the rising ( yuppie') category. The other retailers come in at under 10%.
Tesco and Safeway come within 2% of each other in all categories while Safeway and Morrisons are closest in the less affluent striving and aspiring categories.

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