A Safeway campaign is attempting to raise awareness among children and adults of how food is produced.

The multiple is organising farm visits for consumers in conjunction with Linking Environment and Farming (Leaf), the UK organisation promoting and developing environmentally responsible farm management.

Consumers can log on to Safeway’s website, type in their postcode and book a visit to one of 44 demonstration farms linked to Leaf throughout the UK.

Gavin Bailey, Safeway head of policy and strategy, said the retailer was highlighting the scheme through national TV and print media. In turn, Leaf is promoting the farm visits to consumer groups. Safeway also plans to arrange special school trips as part of the scheme.

It is considering linking the initiative more directly to product sales, but will watch its progress before exploring PoS and instore promotions. Bailey said: “Customers have become divorced from their food and how it is produced. By bringing people on to farms they can appreciate how land is managed to produce food and the steps farmers are taking to protect the farmed environment.”