Safeway plans to open 50 entertainment centres in its supermarkets. The departments will sell CD and DVD players and television sets alongside the entertainment range to create a store within a store. They will emulate the hypermarket offer, including giant screens to view DVDs. Safeway expects to increase sales of home entertainment products by 50% in the next two years following the success of its new megastores. The five stores sell eight times more CDs, videos and DVDs every week compared with its standard supermarkets, in a space up to 10 times as big. Year-on-year Safeway sales figures show CDs up 19% and videos up 23%. And DVD sales have tripled, showing a growth rate of 245%. Des Cross, commercial director for non-foods, Safeway, said: "Our huge investment in stores, equipment and staff, added to a vast increase in space given to entertainment, has enabled us to start building a very serious presence in this category." Safeway plans to try and recruit staff with previous experience in the electricals or entertainment industries for the new sections. {{NEWS }}