The retailer chart has been dominated this year by Tesco, but there is an unexpected foray by Safeway this week which has the lion’s share of promotional space.
Nudging Sainsbury off the top spot and with Asda relegated to fourth place, Safeway has had a surprising boost in activity on a wide range of busy categories.
With soft drinks vying for attention with the onset of the summer season, Robinsons Special R took additional space in Safeway, with a concerted effort from Kellogg’s Frosties.
Indeed, cereals has made a strong appearance throughout the retailers with, again, a strong foothold in Safeway. In the post-Easter lull, Nestlé has been able to make a decisive comeback with Coco Shreddies.
Keeping to the breakfast theme, McVitie’s has soared up the chart with their McV a:m bars featuring on side stacks in Asda.
However, it’s pertinent to mention that Penguin Bars on bogof in Safeway have contributed heavily to McVitie’s leading edge.
Watch this space for Safeway’s promotional performance under new management.