Safeway is pressing on with plans to bring its new Citystore convenience fascia to England despite the uncertainties caused by its potential takeover.
Citystore was launched in March at a 4,000 sq ft store in Edinburgh and a second store opened in Glasgow later that month. The new format will be used in urban centres and business hubs.
The next store will open in central Manchester in December, and negotiations are under way to acquire six other sites in England, said Safeway format manager Andy Newton. He said the Citystore sub-brand was created to give Safeway access "to unique local opportunities" which it could not tap with a larger store.
Sales at the Scottish pilot stores were above Safeway average per square foot, and market research showed they were well received, he said.
Range and layout is pitched towards local demographics and demand. For example, the Edinburgh store has an extended stretched top-up shopping offer.
The Glasgow pilot store includes a call forward queue busting system, summoning a snake of shoppers to free tills by intercom.
Safeway has not finalised plans for the fascia ­ it is black with silver text in Edinburgh and with gold text in Glasgow.

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