Safeway has moved back onto TV screens with a £2m ad campaign it claims will take supermarket advertising into a "new dimension".
Safeway canned its talking toddler ads along with its ABC loyalty card on the grounds cash was better spent on a strong promotional flier package to drive trade. However, now a sizeable portion of the estate has been refurbished to new formats, a return to TV was appropriate on a regional basis to drive the next phase of Safeway's marketing strategy.
It intends to boost the loyalty and spend of existing customers by telling them about the quality of refurbished stores, ranges and services, said marketing and trading director Jack Sinclair.
The new ads, which will run in central Scotland until February, focus on range, freshness, value and service, with the strapline, "a fresher way".
The £2m ad spend, which includes PoS material, hanging banners and posters, does not cut into the budget for promotional fliers, stressed Sinclair. "Customers love the fliers and they will stay. This spend is all incremental and focuses on what we've done in improving the quality of our portfolio, investing in ranges, services and fresh food."
Scotland was chosen as a starting point because it has a critical mass of new look Safeway stores, he explained. "This is just the first stage of the campaign, which we can tailor to TV regions. It's all part of our local marketing strategy."

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