Sixty former store managers sacked by Sainsbury in January have organised themselves into a national body to fight for their jobs back. The group, which has a national co-ordinator and seven regional organisers, has launched a class action through the industrial tribunal system claiming wrongful dismissal. One of the group, who had worked for Sainsbury for nearly 20 years, said they were bitter because the company had portrayed them as poorly performing managers. He said that had affected their chances of getting a new job. "Many of the guys earned every bonus going. You don't get a bonus if you are a poor performer. It looks to us like an exercise to get rid of the highest earners," he added. Another manager said his last bonus arrived on the same day as the letter telling him he had lost his job. He said 96 managers were called to individual meeting in January and told they might not have the capabilities required in the future. They were offered a severance package or the option of taking an assessment at 48 hours' notice. He said about 20 took the assessment and returned to work, some at a lower level, 20 took early retirement, and the rest did not take the assessment on principle. {{NEWS }}