Angela Megson, the new director of e-commerce at Sainsbury, says she is creating a new culture in the e-commerce division. "I am looking forward to it sounding and feeling like a new company." Megson added that she intended to maintain passion and fascination across all the new channels. "Our belief is that we can own food and drink online." She is working closely with group e-commerce director Patrick McHugh to integrate the online strategy with those of Sainsbury's Bank and Homebase. They believe 10% of groceries will be bought online in five to 10 years. Megson said she would measure success in customer numbers and retaining them ­ though she acknowledged the cost of customer acquisition was high. Strategic partnerships are becoming increasingly important to Sainsbury's online plans. Sainsbury's To You, which aims to cover two thirds of the country by March, is to maintain a dual approach to fulfilment ­ a "flexible model which can go from low to high demand". {{NEWS }}