Sainsbury has abandoned plans to introduce standalone organic stores within its supermarkets and is instead rolling out its new Wellbeing health shop concept. The multiple's Merton store is the only one to feature the organics store within a store, due to have been rolled out across the chain. Marketing director Sara Weller said Sainsbury now believed organics should be brought back into the mainstream. And that's why the multiple has also abandoned the idea of having separate organics fixtures in its stores. "We have just got to the point of relocating organics in most stores back into the core fixtures," said Weller. She said Sainsbury was instead focusing on the rollout of its Wellbeing concept ­ which has been under test at its Colney store. "It's been very successful and we are now trialling that in 10 more stores at the moment. We are looking at different configurations and locations in store." Weller said the company had no doubts about Wellbeing, and would decide after Christmas on the most suitable format for a rollout. Wellbeing brings together 300 products normally found in a health store in a section featuring wooden floors and a "calming environment". - Sainsbury is pushing sales of its premium products through the use of ladder racks at the end of aisles in 50 stores. The racks are branded The best' and feature some of the ranges launched at the flagship Cromwell Road store. {{NEWS }}