Sainsbury is planning radical changes in its organic offer over the next year, according to Peter Morrison, innovation and inspiration manager.

He said : “We are looking at new ways of innovating on organics using more detailed loyalty card data.”

Speaking at Sainsbury’s Has Organics Had Its Day? conference in London, he said: “The answer for us very clearly is no. Organics still has huge potential.”

Morrison said 74% of people who currently bought organics at Sainsbury only did so occasionally, leaving a massive opportunity to be exploited.

He said: “It is all about taking risks. There will be radical changes in our organic offer in the next 12 months.”

Sainsbury plans to exploit a trend towards increasing customer commitment to organics by reviewing display, range and supply chain.

Morrison revealed that Tesco and Sainsbury were now neck and neck on organics as both had a 27% market share. Waitrose stood at 14%, and Asda was at 6%, he said.