Sainsbury has ditched its Making Life Taste Better slogan after eight years as it searches for a more value-focused phrase to drive its recovery.
Chief executive Justin King told The Grocer that it would be looking for something more along the lines of its old Good Food Costs Less slogan, which it replaced in the mid-1990s.This follows criticism in the past year that Sainsbury was the only major supermarket to not include a price-related message.
“We should have a new slogan in time for autumn,” said King. “When we asked customers what they wanted, ‘Good food costs less’ and ‘Everyone’s favourite ingredient’ kept coming up. Although we can’t say ‘Good food costs less’ anymore without actually proving it, that’s the type of message we want.”
He said both price and availability had improved in the past six months, but he wanted “reality to speak for itself”.
King added that quality remained a priority. Standing by claims that he can beat rivals on value for money on quality produce, he said he guaranteed the standard of items such as apples and cherry tomatoes was better than Tesco and Asda.