This week highlights the continuing battle between Sainsbury and Morrisons, with the former commanding an even greater proportion of observed promotional activity.
Showing increasing category share, soft drinks giant Coca-Cola presents consumers with multibuy savings offers across four of the retailers, making it the top brand for an individual category.
Fresh produce has made efforts to brighten up aisle ends with more promotions than in previous weeks, providing little excuse for consumers not to fill their 5-a-day quota of fruit and vegetables.
Family favourite brands Nestlé, Heinz and Cadbury stand in the top three overall, displaying promotions across grocery, frozen and confectionery. The Uncle Ben’s brand has increased activity, pushing it into the top 10 among an otherwise unaltered chart.
There is a marked difference in branded versus own label categories. Retailers’ own label chilled goods tops the list of most promoted category with a variety of healthy ready meals on offer.