There has been little change in the retailer chart in recent weeks. Morrisons and Sainsbury continue to fight for the top slot in branded activity, with 30% each, but when it comes to own label Sainsbury records 43% in first place, Tesco is second with 30% and Morrisons drops to third with 12%.
Nestlé recorded activity across six categories in the latest week - biscuits/cakes, chilled, confectionery, dairy, frozen and grocery - ensuring it moves back to the top of the brand chart, with Cadbury being active in four categories - biscuits/cakes, confectionery, chilled and frozen.
Beers, wines and spirits recorded the greatest overall activity with the primary focus on wines - Kumala and Wolf Blass both recorded high activity, making the top 20 activity list, with Carlsberg being the most active beer brand.
Coca-Cola has continued its presence in the Top 10 brands list for a seventh week, despite the soft drinks category not reaching the Top 5 active categories, with offers recorded over all five retailers.