Sainsbury's is aiming to raise the profile of flowers in its stores and has moved management of the category to its fresh produce department under fresh produce general manager Tony Sullivan. Sainsbury's flower buyer Vanessa Hughes explained: "Flowers sit well with fresh produce because they're at the front of store." But she also said the move would enable quicker sharing of ideas within the previously separate sections. And she maintained there were supply base and supply chain synergies which could benefit all areas of Sainsbury's fresh produce offering. She added: "The way flowers have been handled will help us understand how to improve packaging and transportation in other areas of our business. It's a real opportunity to share best practice." Hughes said: "This is great news. We're really enthusiastic about it. "Our flower range provides a great visual statement in our stores." Flowers previously came under Sainsbury's general merchandise department and were treated as part of its seasonal lines. {{NEWS }}