Sainsbury’s has followed the lead of rival Tesco with a modified bogof deal that allows shoppers to buy one and pick up the free product at a later date.

The trial ‘buy now, free next time’ scheme began yesterday and runs for a week. However, it applies to just two products – white baguettes and Pampers nappies.

“Following feedback from our customers, we learnt that whilst ‘buy one get one free' promotional offers on nappies offer great value, large packs often prove difficult and cumbersome to carry around the store,” said customer director Gwyn Burr.

“This promotion will also allow customers to buy freshly baked bread in-store as and when they need it. Our white crusty baguettes wouldn't normally be selected as a ‘buy one get one free' offer item because it is a fresh product that is generally consumed within a day, but we believe it represents great value for the Sainsbury's shopper.”Last month Tesco debuted the ‘bogofl’ – a deal allowing shoppers to pick up their free item at a later date, in a move the retailer hailed as a major step in the fight against food waste.

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