Sales of former F1 star Jody Scheckter’s Laverstoke Park Farm beer have surged following the Portman Group’s ruling that it breached its rules on child protection.

”Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are still selling it,” Scheckter told The Grocer this week. “In fact we’re selling more of it as a result of all the publicity.”

However, he added that Portman would shortly order retailers to delist the beer after a High Court judge dismissed Scheckter’s calls for a judicial review into the ruling as “devoid of merit” in January.

The group claimed the brand was likely to appeal to children because the label featured a drawing of Scheckter, penned by his son over a decade ago and used across Laverstoke’s food and drink range.

Scheckter reiterated his refusal to remove the label. “I’ve been selling this beer for five years without a single complaint,” he said. “Then they have one complaint and they ban it. It’s ridiculous. The complaint could have come from anyone. The Portman Group can get stuffed.”