Asda has opened up a 0.8% market share lead over Sainsbury, just two months after overtaking the chain to become the UK’s number two supermarket behind Tesco.

According to the latest till roll figures from TNS, Asda took a 16.9% share of the grocery market while Sainsbury recorded 16.1% for the 12 weeks to September 14.

This is in sharp contrast to the same period last year when Sainsbury held a 1% lead with 17.2% market share compared to Asda’s 16.2%.

However, TNS figures show that since then, Asda’s sales have risen by 10% while Sainsbury fell by 2%.

Tesco remains market leader with a 27.1% share - up from 26.1% for the same period last year, while Safeway’s share fell from 9.7% to 9.2%.