Seven members were elected to Nisa-Today's holdings board this week, but there was no return for Costcutter chairman Colin Graves, who dramatically resigned his post in September.

Eight candidates were nominated for election at the buying group's agm in Scunthorpe this week for the seven places available.

Nisa stalwarts Peter Bellini, Paul Delves, Mohammed Saleem and Stephen Jempson were re-elected. The three new additions to the board are United Wholesale Scotland MD Asim Sarwar, Sean Ramsden, chief executive of Ramsden International and son of Nisa founder Dudley Ramsden, and Imperial Cash & Carry ­director Manoher Mulchandani.

The new and re-elected members will join independent non-executive chairman Mark Pullen, eight other retail and wholesale members, as well as Nisa-Today executives Neil Turton, John Schofield, John Sharpe and Bill Laird on the board.

No attempts were made by Graves to return to the board and as such Costcutter, Nisa's biggest member, currently has no representation on the holdings board. Graves chose the retailer's conference in Barcelona in September to quit after claiming Nisa had tried to poach its retailers.