Selling larger Easter eggs would help indies avoid the supermarket price wars, Hancocks Cash & Carry has claimed.

With Tesco offering small eggs at two for £2, and Asda two for £3, the specialist confectionery wholesaler said stocking larger eggs, or gifting products such as egg cups or bouquets, would give indies a point of difference from the supermarkets.

"Larger eggs are rarely the centre of price wars with supermarkets," said Hancocks purchasing director Jonathan Summer­ley.

"The multiples tend to fight over smaller eggs and this certainly seems to be the case for 2010. It would be a big generalisation, however, to say that a smaller retailer could no longer profit from selling shell eggs. Such a store has the advantage of flexibility, knowing their locality and picking up impulse sales."

The most successful independent retailers tended to focus on selling goods appropriate for the whole of spring, or products overlooked by the multiples, he added.

"There are plenty of Easter gifting products that are a little bit different, allowing smaller retailers to stand apart from the supermarket price wars. Low-priced purchases are also great high-margin options."