Safeway says its Shop and Go service has substantially improved since the introduction of a new wireless scanning handset, currently under trial in its Maldon store. The improved handset, which Safeway has dubbed a "virtual shop assistant", operates using radio waves. It ties in to the store's stocking system as purchasing information is automatically sent to the main computer to update the system. It informs customers of promotions on products as they are scanned and provides menu suggestions or recipe ideas. It is also capable of being updated with the latest technology as it develops. Safeway IT director Mike Winch said: "This latest advance takes the Shop and Go concept a stage further. Now we can communicate more effectively with our customers. It allows us to offer them significantly more product information as they shop. "Importantly, this will be information directly relevant to each customer, matched to their preferences and their location in the store." The trial started in October last year but Safeway would not confirm a roll-out date. {{NEWS }}