Sainsbury shoppers are most likely to emulate Jamie Oliver and cook simple meals when they are in a hurry, while Safeway shoppers opt for ready meals when they're short on time, according to an IGD survey. Consumer Attitudes to Meal Solutions discovered that Sainsbury customers were the most likely to use their cooking skills for convenience food and were least keen on heating up ready meals. Safeway customers, however, were the biggest microwave fans when they were seeking convenience, with 38% opting for food that just needed heating. They were also most likely to make up a meal from store cupboard staples or to eat cold food if time was tight. Questioned on indulgent meals, both Sainsbury and Safeway shoppers chose "naughty" foods. Asda had the highest percentage (28%) who saw indulgence as food prepared by someone else. They were also the least likely to experiment with food and the least adventurous ­ only 4% would try new recipes or flavours. compared with an average 10% of shoppers at other chains. When quizzed on their most indulgent meals, Sainsbury shoppers were most likely to spend more on themselves (33%) - 50% more likely than shoppers at any other retailer. {{NEWS }}