In the run-up to Christmas shoppers at Tesco could find themselves offered a job at their local store as checkout staff keep a look-out for potential seasonal workers.
The retailer has asked employees working on the tills to help identify potential new recruits as part of its search for 12,000 temporary Christmas workers. Shoppers who show potential for retail sales, such as friendliness and helpfulness, will be encouraged to apply for a job.
The new recruitment scheme is being trialled in 20 locations, mainly in Extra stores, and seasonal positions are available in 780 Tesco supermarkets across the UK.
Tesco retail director David Potts said: “Christmas is our busiest time of year. We are always looking for extra staff to make festive shopping easier for
our customers. With 12,000 roles to fill this year it is going to be quite a challenge so we’re enlisting our existing staff to help us.”
And Potts added: “Our shoppers are the first to tell us how to improve what we do. Encouraging them to come and work for us means they will help provide the best Christmas for Tesco customers.”